Fuel Filtration: Spin-on & Cartridge Filters for particulate and water removal (patented Hydrosorb) for (bio) diesel, and gasoline.

Why should you use Cim-Tek HydroSorb Filters?

There are many reasons why transport companies, fleet owners and farmers should use Cim-Tek HydroSorb Filters on their dispensing equipment. 

Still there are many of them taking the risk of getting dirt and most importantly / damaging, water inside the tank of their privately owned vehicles.

The only insurance to prevent damage to the engines of their vehicles is by using a HydroSorb / Bio-Tek Filter on the pump at their fuel storage tank.

HydroSorb is our patented technology for particulate and water removal from fuels. 

HydroSorb is a fiberglass medium impregnated with a super-absorbent (for water) that is laminated to a resin-impregnated cellulose filter paper. During filtration, water is absorbed from hydrocarbons (fuel) preventing contaminated fuel, which gradually causes a saturation of the filter media, resulting in reduction in flow rate (an indication that the filter has worked well and now needs to be replaced).